Like Party 2017 22.04.2020

Like Party festival took place in Moscow for the second time. Elena Temnikova, Jah Khalib, T-Fest, Sayonara Boy, GAZIROVKA, MATRANG, GRIVINA, Luxor, Zomb, Lesha Svik, Misha Marvin, MARUV, Jacques Anthony, TERRY, НАZИМА, Mary Kraimbrery, Artem Pivovarov, RASA, Zvonkiy, Scrudgy, HammAli & Navai, CYGO, Viu Viu.  

Timati “Generation”. The concert at the Olympic Indoor Arena. 04.11.2017

Organization:  CROCUS PRODUCTION Director-producer: Yury Yarushnikov Videocontent: XOstudio Award “Event of the year” (2017) – the nomination for the best technical performance. The content production. Shooting. “385 m2 screens arranged on the rotatable elements, motorized CCD arrays, 3D holographic projection net updated scenic solutions.”

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