The XO Studio team are professionals who create video content providing full-cycle production from idea to merchandising.
Whether we work on the kids Disney shows or Timati’s music videos, we make all-out effort.
Our priority is to accomplish our client’s goal. We analyze the customer’s audience and create multiple content options for him to choose the best one.
We obtain approval for all the main Production Stages from our clients.
XO Studio crew has extensive experience in video production area. Our specialists can fulfill any complexity task.
We create “videocontent”, as the term is understood, i.e. not only advertising, corporate, music, doc videos, but interactive graphics content, visual effects as well. We perform mapping, create videocontent for concerts and performances.
XO Studio was founded in 2011. Meanwhile, we have implemented more than 1000 projects.
The requestors from Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, USA, France, Japan are among our clients.


Director, thought leader

When I worked as Dj, I’ve decided to try my hand at the Video Editing. Back then, it was called DVJ by the name of Pioneer record player.
I needed some graphics to create for my concerts, which is what I was successfully doing. Later on, I made up my mind to create graphics not only for my shows.
Thanks to my friends from the company “Light Power”, I dragged into the world of graphics and video-content.

Shortly after, I met Konstantin Korolev. And so, began the Studio.
The first project was the mapping for the Carpets Museum in Baku. Then we created the hilarious video clip “My Name Is No Passport”.

And after that the things started to florish.


Director, Art-director, General director

Having received a considerable experience of working in various productions and on Tv channels, I found myself ready for participation in more interesting projects.

Seeking new avenues didn’t take me a long time, I met Yury Yarushnikov.
Once successfully implemented 2 projects in a row, the race was on, from one project to another.
All of them were different, whether it was innovative concert, 3d mapping show and interactive installations or Moscow Academic Art Theater, The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow Academic Music Theater performances. We enlarged our huge collection of video footage with the third short featured film in 2018.


XO Studio 2011-2023 (с)