Concerts | Shows | 3D mapping

We create videocontent for the concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances. We elaborate the unique maintenance, which will comply with the requirements of every event and will surely complement it.

Throughout the event, we fully control the videocontent realization for our part. We start with the developing a story arc, then implement the concept on set, provide full service maintenance, shoot the show.

Using advanced video making technologies like generative design, holograms, we produce video content.

We can create graphics for demonstration at big screens, animated shorts, project 3D mapping.

Since the establishment of our company, we have engaged in about 500 events preparation.

Our works are valued by industry. We received the awards for participation in organization of the film festival “Golden Mask”, for the best concert show “Timati Olimp 2020”, for technical and creative managing the “Passion according to St. Mattew”.

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