“The Calf”. Short children’s film.

It stars:

Mikhail Porechenkov
Irina Pegova
Maxim Ivanov
Saveliy Kudryashov

2019, Short fiction film
Director-producer: Victoria Runtsova



Film festival «GOLDEN CALF» (2019) – The best direction

Festival «Galaxy 35 mm» (2019) – Audience Award, The Best actor

Festival «Veche bell» (2019) – The Best children’s film

Moscow Indie Film Festival (2020) – The Best Producer

Festival «Meeting» (2020) – President of the Festival special prize

Additional information:
2 locations
Severe weather events: snowstorm| frigid temperatures
Working with children
Staged scenes with the gun
Working with animals (wolf, cow, calf)


Date: 25.12.2019
Section: Fiction film
Address: https://youtu.be/rSG_IwV7Wn4

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