Daria Rubinskaya – Mayakovsky

Video clip shooting for Daria Rubinskaya’s song is performed on the backgrounds of the futuristic Mars base and the destroyed post-apocalyptic city. Post-Production is almost non-existent (aside from color correction) in the video. The whole shooting is taken with VR production technology on the diode screen background.
3D location scenes plunge the singer into the virtual decorations. This gives VR production a big advantage in the shooting quality and time limits over the Chroma Key video production.
Directors: Konstantin Korolev, Yury Yarushnikov
Camera operator: German Skvortsov
General producer: Yury Yarushnikov


Client: Daria Rubinskaya
Section: Virtual production | AR
Address: https://youtu.be/2R-WVhFQIes

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